Monday, 27 April 2009

The Fortnight of my Life

New York has always been in my dreams ever since I can remember. Last year, I set out to do something I’d always dreamt of but never had the chance to: explore the Big Apple on my own.

The city that never sleeps inspires so many people because of the amount of things we can find in one place. As soon as I got off the plane, I looked out the airport doors, saw all the snow falling, and the streets full of yellow cabs I thought: this will be quite an adventure! It certainly was.

Being on my own was the best because I got to do all the (sometimes silly) things I wanted to, such as walking around the Village looking for the building used on “Friends”, or going to the cinema to watch a film just because I like the leading actress, without having to worry whether someone else would want to do that or not.

It’s also an opportunity to do things you probably wouldn’t if there were acquaintances around (such as walk with your mouth open and your tongue out trying to taste snow :P).

However, what really made those days memorable was the fact that I could merge into the culture of the place and experience its day-to-day life as it is. And that was only possible because I can speak their language. Here’s a snippet of what it was like to be in the Big Apple by myself.

Have you had the trip of your life? Share your days with us! Post a comment!!!

Teacher Arthur - Freguesia Branch - Rio de Janeiro

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Unforgettable Moments

I have a little book where I keep quotes that I love and somehow try to incorporate what they say in my life. I'd like to share two of them with you:

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." (John Lennon)

"Why go further and further? Look, happiness is right here." (Goethe)

I guess happiness is made by every little nice moment we have in our life. It's not something distant, concrete, to be achieved. Like this moment of my son with this gorgeous butterfly on his finger. He was a bit scared at first, but then he enjoyed it so much! Unforgettable!

I'd like to invite you to share some unforgettable moments with us too! Have a great holiday!

Thais Coutinho, Barra 2, RJ

Monday, 20 April 2009

How do you live the days of your life?

By watching the video posted by Giselle, I reflected upon some aspects of our so called "modern life". Although love might have been the main topic of the video, for me the most striking feature was the way the boy was living his life before he met that girl. Alarm clock sets off, you wake up, have breakfast, go to work, do your job, go back home and sleep again. Until something unexpected happens...

I'd like to throw some questions for us to think about: do you sometimes feel drained by routine too? Are YOU actually living the days of your life or "being lived by them"? What could you do to make it different?

Have a great week!
Thais Coutinho, Barra 2, RJ

Friday, 17 April 2009


Hi everyone!

It's a pleasure to be here launching the West Area Blog using such a nice theme as a trigger for interaction: DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Although the blog is designed and administrated by Cultura Inglesa teachers from the West area (namely Barra 1, Barra 2, Frequesia and Recreio), our space is open for all audiences to come and share life, good experience and great advice!

To get started, we've decided to communicate with you via love. Love in the shape of a 12-minute video that will take your breath away. Love for those who think are "unloveable", if I dare say. Love for those who wish to find it around the corner. Love for those who think it's already too late. Love... as simple as it may sound. For who on Earth has never fallen in love before?

Enjoy! And, of course, let us know you did.

Giselle Fleury, teacher at Barra 1.