Monday, 20 April 2009

How do you live the days of your life?

By watching the video posted by Giselle, I reflected upon some aspects of our so called "modern life". Although love might have been the main topic of the video, for me the most striking feature was the way the boy was living his life before he met that girl. Alarm clock sets off, you wake up, have breakfast, go to work, do your job, go back home and sleep again. Until something unexpected happens...

I'd like to throw some questions for us to think about: do you sometimes feel drained by routine too? Are YOU actually living the days of your life or "being lived by them"? What could you do to make it different?

Have a great week!
Thais Coutinho, Barra 2, RJ


Giselle Fleury said...

I believe the answer to this question may raise feelings we do not want to know.... but have to face, anyway. I'm facing mine. What about others?

Giselle Fleury, teacher at Barra 1, and even more in love with the video of the previous post after reading this post :-)

Teacher Chris said...

I must confess sometimes I feel like being lived by my days. It's just so much to do and so little time.
In order to change it a bit, I try to travel somewhere I've never been to on my holidays. It's awesome and pays off all the days working from 9am to 9pm.
Makes it worth it!

By the way, I loved the video and the follow up post as well.

Chris Gameiro, teacher at Freguesia, Rio de Janeiro.

Carla said...

I wonder what it is all about... I mean, life and it all... Because I sometimes feel like the guy in the video: robotically living my life. It´s just too much work! But never stop looking at the windows around me. Who knows something unexpected happens?

Marciano said...

I liked the video because it shows how a boy who seems solitarie can maybe, construct his future with just paper and a pen. Who is very soccialy thinks that`s normal, but the guy was shy and didn`t has anyone to share this types of things so it`s a grat conquest.

About the question,I live my life with hapiness, sense of humor and a bit of responsable. I`m always laughing and making others people laughing too. I agree that sometimes I exceed the limits and get boring. So...finally finishing my life run like my taste.

Igor, barra 1

KarlinhaRocha said...

First of all, I'd like to say to the owners "Congratulations!", cause the idea of create a website where we can share special moments, thoughts, feelings is wonderful. In my point of view, people really need to do it, cause we have so many "important" things to do that we forget ourselves and when we become old, we start to think about all the words we didn't said, all people we didn't saw or with whom we didn't talk, etc. It's so sad. You feel like you threw your own life away on a garbage.
However, I believe that it could be avoided if we stop our routines to talk with people who have more expirience than us. I learnt it some years ago and now I spend my time in order to find special moments with can make my heart warm, which have strong intensity. For example, smiles, tears caused by happiness, sincere embraces, kisses, feel the wind in our faces, these are important things.
In my view, the opportunity of teaching it to others is marvelous, really unforgetable. Is it true that some people don't mind about these little things and they prefer to think about money, fame, etc., but to try is the best thing to do.
Now, I'll answer your questions:
Do you sometimes feel drained by routine too? Of course, it happens with everybody around the World. On the other hand, we must be prepared to not be absorbed by the routine. In this moments, we have to recognize the necessity of going out with a friend to some different place, knowing new friends, traveling to different places, it can be summarized in the words "break the routine".
Are YOU actually living the days of your life or "being lived by them"? I'm sure that I'm living my days as well as I can. I'm alive, happy and satisfied with my life.
What could you do to make it different?
I decided to learn more about other cultures, countries, history, music, movies and everything that I like. And knowing new languages is part of my plans.

Nina said...
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Nina said...

When we stop to think about that, is very strange, because sometimes we don't know the answers.Ana Carolina Cabral (nina) Barra 1 Teacher Malena