Friday, 17 April 2009


Hi everyone!

It's a pleasure to be here launching the West Area Blog using such a nice theme as a trigger for interaction: DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Although the blog is designed and administrated by Cultura Inglesa teachers from the West area (namely Barra 1, Barra 2, Frequesia and Recreio), our space is open for all audiences to come and share life, good experience and great advice!

To get started, we've decided to communicate with you via love. Love in the shape of a 12-minute video that will take your breath away. Love for those who think are "unloveable", if I dare say. Love for those who wish to find it around the corner. Love for those who think it's already too late. Love... as simple as it may sound. For who on Earth has never fallen in love before?

Enjoy! And, of course, let us know you did.

Giselle Fleury, teacher at Barra 1.


CI Facilitator said...

Great video! I loved it.
Everton, Menino Deus, RS.

Claudia said...

Really fun! You should all watch it.
Claudia, Freguesia, RJ

Carla said...

I loved the video!
Carla, Botafogo,RJ

daniel said...

Debora Calhman Rio de janeiro Barra-Jardim Oceânico

The video was very deep.
I didn't know that the film would be so beautiful. I didn't expect that. the solution to his shyness was solved by showing some signs to a woman that he didn't even know about.

KarlinhaRocha said...

Great idea! I couldn't imagine that suprising end. He was lucky, because he almost lose her. This is part of my own life's philosophy, I say what I think, I do what I want, I go where I wanna go, I talk with people who I love. Cause, I believe in happiness and I believe that life is only one and if we're alive is in order to do our best.

KarlinhaRocha said...

Oh, my God!
I fortgot...
Karla da Silva Rocha, student, Campo Grande, RJ.

clue crocs said...

the video is very good and shows that we have only one chance in life, and we have to use

Nina said...

Very good, i love it. Ana Carolina Cabral (Nina) Barra 1 Teacher Malena