Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Different dates, tiny differences

Hello folks!!

We know it's been mentioned before that Valentine's just around the corner, but actually we would like you to share your expectations for such a special day! Well, as a huge 'Peanuts fan' I found a vey cute video to show you all. Also, there are some tiny differences apart from the date which in Brazil is celebrated on June 12th, as worldwidely, the official date is February 14th!

Valentine's Day originated in Europe as a celebration of Saint Valentine, the Saint of love. The holiday spread to America, and America extended it to many countries around the world. These countries have since developed their own unique way of celebrating the holiday based on their culture and values.
However, some countries still focus on indigenous festivals which carry the same idea of romance and love

In lieu of Valentines Day, the people of Brazil celebrates "Dia dos Namorados", that is, Boyfriend's/Girlfriend's Day on 12th June. Receiving and giving of gifts between girlfriends and boyfriends, husbands and wives is the most important tradition that is associated with this day in Brazil. The gifts include, flower, cards, chocolates, and various other gift items. These gifts differ from one another in their shapes, sizes, and color combinations.

What about you? How do you feel when it comes to celebrating this date?


Giulia said...

For me the valentine's day is a day in which we show our feelings for someone , not necessarily for a boyfriend but for a friend too. I like valentine's day because it's a lovely day and everybody gets involved and gives gifts to whom they love!

Nathália said...

I reckon Valentine's day is a day to fall in love more than on other days, it's a day to smile and send good vibes and a lot of good feelings and love to whom is important to you.

Camila said...

Valentine's day for me is a day that you share your feelings , smiles with your partner and remember good things that you have just gone through, exchange presents and hang out. I like valentine's day because I spent more time with the one I love.

KarlinhaRocha said...

Well, I must say that I loved the video. It's funny and such a beautiful one. I'd been so sad and frustrated before he've received the card... I thought "Poor little boy!"... Hahaha. But, when I saw Snoop give him his own card I almost cried. Oh! Thank you! Spectacular!
I must confess that I don't have a boyfriend, so I don't have a special person to exchange gifts. It's not a problem to me nowadays, but when I was a teenager... Hahaha. I used to do really crazy things to have a boyfriend in these days (Valentine's).
I never paid a boy to pretend we had a relationship. But, my friends and I usually gave letters which told our's secret love. Sometimes, it worked and we went out with our new boyfriends, of course we always broke up these relationships some days or weeks after Valentine's day... We don't mean to broke hearts, but indeed, sometimes, we did it. Certainly, we don't mind too, because we've done for three years.
And when didn't it work? We always spent the day in someone's house with pop corn, chocolate, games, gossips and a film like Pretty Woman. We looked down in the dumps, but these were amusements days I can't miss them. When, we meet we always remind what we've done to have a boyfriend during Valentine's day.

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Recreio said...

Hi Marcella!!

What I like doing on Valentine's day is going to a restaurant and receiving some flowers.