Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Haggis

While I was a student in England there was this weekend school trip to Scotland, which is an absolutely fantastic place!!! However…

Our guide kept talking about the famous Scottish dish called ‘HAGGIS’. We (students) had no idea what it was made of, but from his excitement, it sounded exquisite.

There was this event at a club and we were taken as tourists. The Scots were trying to impress showing off their kilts and pipes. We were all dancing and having loads of fun when the music stopped and the chef brought the Haggis followed by the sound of the pipe.
After what looked like a huge ceremony the starter was served. We were finally going to taste the famous Scottish dish.

How can I put it into words? For me it tasted absolutely disgusting! I was extremely ashamed of myself, but I just couldn’t eat it. Then I whispered to my friend ‘I can’t eat it!’. Our hosts were so proud of their national food and eager to know how much we had enjoyed it. It was quite embarrassing! My friend, bless her, was even more ashamed and asked me to pass her the plate. After scolding me, she ate hers and mine, then passed me back the empty plate.

When we got back to our school I wanted to know what the haggis was made of…and when I tried to tell my friend what she had eaten (twice), she said she would never talk to me again if I told her.

Some say that some things are better untold, or unknown. I am just glad I didn’t have to eat it.

HAGGIS: a traditionally Scottish dish that consists of the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep or calf minced with spices and seasoning and boiled in the stomach of the animal.

Ana Gabriela Figueiredo - Freguesia - RJ.


KarlinhaRocha said...

Yes, a totally agree with you. If, I was in her shoes, I'd prefer not to know this. I'd like to travel to Scotland, but I'd rather to not taste it, like you... Hahaha. Maybe, your friend can go with me and eat mine too. hahahaha.
Something I know is that Brazilians can't apreciate any meal from any countries, because here we have many variety quality of food and drinks. And it allows us to choose the best kind of fruits, meats, vegetables, etc. For us (Brazilians) is unacceptable to eat insects, rats, dogs, cats or just giblets. For instance, a friend of mine lived abroad for three years in Germany. And when he returned to Brazil, he said that he couldn't postpone his return trip, because he had been dreaming with different vegetables from potatoes and cabbage. We laughed out loud, but german people eat it everyday and they don't complain about it. It's strange, but perhaps our taste is also linked with our own culture.
I don't know if we're supposed to talk about something that we prefered don't know, but nothing comes to my mind, but disgusting experiences with food and love (No, nobody have never two-timed, unless I don't know).

Natália said...

Natália Vigna (Plus 2)
Teacher Gabriela.

Hi teacher,

Well, if I saw a lot of people eating this fantastic dish maybe I would try it too, but I think I would not like it anyway. The Haggis really seems disgusting.

I would like very much to know Scotland but maybe it won't be possible so soon. In fact, I'm planning to go to Austrália next year and stay there for a month practicing my English and learning a bit about another culture.

I don't know what is the Australian typical dish, but I promise to try it and tell you how it tastes, ok ? haha


Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm from cultura inglesa rio de janeiro freguesia awnd i think it likes disgusting, but i'd like to eat.

basic 3 teacher gabi

mario barreiro

Gabriel said...

the haggis is is very disgustin but the Haggis is very beautiful!!!!

Basic 3 teacher Gabi

Gabrielle said...

the haggis more beautiful and has a horrible taste this food [and foreign

basic 3 teacher Gabi
jacarepagua - freguesia

Anonymous said...

Who is your friend ? I want to! HAHAHA!
I totaly agree with you, I'd NEVER eat this lousy food!
I think I pretend I can´t eat this, I am allergic, I don´t know, something.
Thank God you had such a friend!
What luck, Gabi!

Larissa Sória - Plus 2
Teacher Gabi

Anonymous said...

I realy want to taste seens disgusting but i think it has a good taste and i think haggis represents the scottish culture and there folklore.

Victor Hugo
Plus 2

Anonymous said...

The Haggies it´s terrible ! kposk it´s look like a .. humm i don´t know but the apperance it´s horrible kposk

kissess teacher Gabi

Beatriz, Basic 4, RJ Freguesia

marquinho_1970 said...

A day I can regard as THE DAY OF MY LIFE so far is the one I landed in the Heathrow airport in London for the first time. This is because I had been dreaming about such a day at least since 2002, when my English studies began.
I can say, without fearing to be exaggerated that London is the best and the most memorable town I've ever been to.

Barbara Caspary said...

Hi,I'm from cultura inglesa-freguesia.the Haggis is very beautiful but is terrible...

basic 3
teacher Gabi.

barbara said...

Hi,I'm from cultura inglesa-freguesia.The Haggis is very beautiful but is terrible.

Barbara Caspary
basic 3
teacher gabi

Anonymous said...

I thought the Haggis, a food that can be compared as feijoada in Brazil, seems to be very good, but it is their culture.

Gabriel. Basic 4