Saturday, 9 May 2009

Moms never die

I always remember my mom over her sewing machine working and singing. This image has always been with me and has always taught me a lot about my mom and life in general. She left us when I was only 22. However, I consider myself the luckiest person. I have a sister who is 15 years older than I and for this reason like a mom to me. I have learned a lot from her, too. I´m a mom myself and I try really hard to be if not the same but a little like them hoping my son will one day have a nice image of me as I do of my mom.
Happy mother´s day!
Beth (Cultura Recreio)

Well as a mom and no different from all the others, here and everywhere, I'd like you to check out this video...


Teacher Gabi - Freguesia said...

Beth dearest, I am so sure you are a great mum.
I still have my mum, but one of my nans passed away last year. I lived with her for some time, so a great deal of what I learned in my childhood I owe her.I can still taste the "bolinhos de chuva":)
Hey, we should make a post about our days at the university...LOL...what do you think?
Lots of love and happy mother's day!!!***********

Adélia said...

Teacher Lúcia

Our mother's day was very happy, because we lunch with my parents and grandmothers too.

bell said...
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Maria Luíza & Izabella said...

My mother's very important to me !
I wish a great Mother's Day for all mothers and chidrens !
Izabella - Basic 3 - Campo Grande
Teacher Priscila

Bruno zani said...

I know how you feel cause i had a grandmother that was like a mom to me because she lives next to me and my mom work all day long so my company was my grandma!
She was incredible and a lovely person... She used to bake cakes for me ever week...I really miss her!

Aurélio Araújo said...

Beth, what a touching and moving post this one of yours.
Whenever the subject of a conversation is mothers and whatever related to it, I can't stop thinking of my mum and of how brave she is.
For me my mum is a greatest example because of her bravery and for how she faces the problems that pop up in our lives.
Apart from my mum, I'll always cherish my grandmother who passed away in the beginning of 2004. She was AWESOME and whenever I think of her, I remember seeing her in her sewing machine, the homemade food she used to cook for everybody and for how protective she used to be.

Teacher Aurélio - Goiânia SUL

Recreio said...

Hi Beth!!!

Great video!!!
It shows how hard mom's job is.

Teacher Claudia Goes

Vanessa said...

I actually see my mom singing there!