Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A mother’s love is instinctual, unconditional and forever.

Hi everyone! It is officially time for us, Recreio teachers, to share some of our memorable moments with you. What can be more memorable than our mothers? As Mothers' Day is coming, we would like you all to celebrate this date with us!

'When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.' Sophia Loren

A memorable moment I had with Mom was many, many years ago. I was 6 years old and I was in my swimming lesson. I had to cross a deep 25 mts pool, swimming without a buoy. This was a challenge for me! Never had I crossed a pool before…I was terrified!
My swimming coach was angry because he was expecting me to do it. I felt hopeless.
I looked at my mom and she gave me a smile and said with a sweet voice 'My little child, I'll buy you a doll after you cross the pool'…I don’t remember if she bought the doll that day, nor can I remember whether I crossed the pool or not.But what I can clearly remember is my mom's sweetest tone of voice calming me down and comforting me. I knew she was there for me , that she cared and that she loved me . I never became a great swimmer….But my mom sweetest voice is still present everyday and I feel privileged to have her as my mom…
Mothers are the sweetest gift from Gods to us. There is no way we can ever really thank our mother for all she does for us. However, we must make it a habit to keep reminding ourselves of the various sacrifices she made while raising us. Mothers' Day is the best time to say in words how much you love and care for your mum. Make your Mother's Day bright by posting a memorable moment of your life you had with your Mom!

Teachers Cláudia and Marcela

Recreio Branch


Basic 3 said...

cute video.

Phillipe ,PLus 4 , Recreio

Sofia Belo said...

My mom is one of the few people that I don't have fear to say that I love, is so good to say that you love somebody, maybe it is the greatest felling that you can have for somebody. Love is such a confusing felling, you have to stop and think about it before you say it, but when is with your mother or father or some parent is so spontaneous, is so... inexplainable. The thing is, don't waste chances to tell your mom how much you love her. YOU LOVE HER TILL THE END!

Congratulations for your post teachers, it inspired me to write the comment.

Miss you, teacher Marcela :{:{

- Sofia | Plus 5 | Recreio Branch

Carla said...

I remember my mum arriving from work, really really tired and still finding the energy to play and talk to my sister and I. Many special moments.

Mums are forever... Forever in our hearts till the day we die.

Nice video!
Carla - Botafogo, RJ

Plus It Up said...

Luísa Schubach - Plus 5 - Recreio Branch

Heey Teachers! ;D
I didn't forget you Marcela ! hehe =)

No matter what happens , it is so good to have my mom around, she take my fear away and then I can feel completely safe :)

I love her very much , and as well as you teachers, I don't remember a lot about my childhood with her. However, the way she raised me was so important that I can't imagine how I would be without her. Guess what ?! Mom you are essencial ! Untill today and forever :}


Luísa Schubach - Plus 5 - Recreio Branch

Plus It Up said...
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Plus It Up said...

Nice video. My mom is cool, well not always...
I hope she likes me too!

Alexandre Barreto - Plus 5 - Recreio Branch

Plus It Up said...

Our mothers are the most wonderful gifts that life can ever give to us, and just to think that some people don't have the chance to say "Mom I love you",or "Happy Mother's day!" it's horrible!
And that's why we have to respect and love our mom every day always!!!
The video is very cute...I loved the babies pictures! XD
Kisses Marcela! I miss you

Lara Piloto - Plus 5 - Recreio Branch

Plus It Up said...

This video is very cute and made me think about how my mom is important to me and how I love her.
She's the one who always takes care of me and lends me a helping hand when I'm in trouble.
I LOVE HERMiss you Marcela

Isadora Lacerda - Plus 5 - Recreio Branch

lulinhacoelho said...

I love the video and the story they are so cute.
Mom?what is mom?
Mom is that person who take care of you when you are young.
When you fall she is there to help you.
Our mother is the sweetest and most delicated of all.
Mother's love is sometihng that no one can explain.Everyone want there moms last forever but its not possible so don't waiste your time.After reading this comment
go to your mom and say how much you love her.
God made a wonderful mother and he gave that dear mother to me.That why every day thank god to have my mother next to me.
Happy mother's day.

Maria Luisa -Plus 3-Malena

oieeeee said...
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plus-ça-change said...
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plus-ça-change said...
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Basic 3 said...

Mother's give inspiration for our lives. We have to care about our parents, they will love we until the end.

Rebecca e Paula Plus 5 Recreio Branch

Josival said...

my mother wants me to have a good life
my mother married and is a wife
my mother get worried when I go out
my mother prays for me at night
she is my protection in the black
and gets happy when I comeback
she shouts with me sometimes
but she is my mother in fulltime
Roberto Neves Plus5

Rafinha said...

I love the video the teacher ! ;)
My mum is my everything !

Kisses !

nica said...
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nica said...

i love the text and the movie. I think the love of mother is the biggest and most genuine love of all, no matter what hapen if it was, this will always be infinitely far from where she is.
Congratulations to the teacher who worte to the culture!

Antonia Luiza - Plus 2 - Malena barra

Teacher Gabi - Freguesia said...

That's it...unconditional love. That's what describes my relationship with my mum.
She's the one I can share everything with, that I want to hear first.

Junior A said...

Hello, we're a Junior a from Barra Américas branch and we just loved the video. I'm Ana Lucia, the class teacher and I helped my students post their comments. Check out what they thought about it:
Henrique, Daniel, João, Felipe, Gabriel, Juliana and Carolina Brito said: "It's a beautiful video!"
Bruno, Mariana Oberlaender, Mariana Martins, Ana Paula, Sofia, Patrícia wished: "Happy Mom's Day to all moms!"
Maria Clara Giglio, Maria Clara Batista and Eduarda said: "It's cool!"
Bye, everyone!

Giselle Fleury said...

Loved the video, the song, the lyrics, the photo... and the idea of reminding people of how important our mothers are!

My memorable moment was when, by the age of 7, my young mother stood bravely in front of the public school where I used to study in Jacareí, SP, and told a group of older girls who were bullying me: "keep you eyes and hands off my child or you'll have to bully ME!" That was awesome!!! I felt I'd never have any problem ever, mom being by my side... Luckily, she didn't have to come to terms with the girls, but her saying will be forever in my mind.

Natália said...

cute video!!!

and they thought you were 12!!!!

basic 3 - teacher natalia -freguesia

Cultura teachers said...

Hi people.I'm Lucas Fernandez Melo,I'm fine I'm 11 (eleven) years I study at Cultura Recreio - basic 1 (teacher Flavia Garcia).My mother´s name's Marcia and she's pregnant, my dad's name's Alessandro.

Good bye! Lucas

Felipe said...

the song is fantastic and very, very beutiful!!!!!!!!!

vitor dias - basic 1 - recreio

Monroy said...

Such a touchy video.
Really cool, I'll show to my mother.

Cultura teachers said...

My class is B4 I study at Cultura Inglesa recreio(Flavia G.)
My name is João Bittar
Mom, you are my life. I love you so much!!!

Kisses :D

Cultura teachers said...

Basic 4 recreio
We think the video is nice and the babies are very cute, the song represent the importance of our moms for us! The days of our lives are so unique with our mom.. So say that you love your mother every day of your life. Don't waste any minute that you have with her, OK?!

Good bye :)

filipecunha said...
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filipecunha said...

I like the video very much the song is very beautiful. The video and my mom are good but my mom is not a video is my mom. Cultura Inglesa is very creative. The video is very nice.
Filipe Cunha

gabriella said...

I remember when my mom used to kiss my hurts and than it just felt better. It happened like magic.I really doubt if it never happened to anybody.
see you, gabriella.

Lilo said...
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Lilo said...

I liked this song very much!
Murilo,Jr.C,Recreio Branch

Lilo said...

I liked the video.
Julia Ribeiro,Jr. B, Recreio branch

lucas said...

I love, I saw the video with my mother as a way of my love for her.
She felts very nice and even cried, I loved the message transmitted and also the images.

beccapelleg said...

I think that everyone wants a mom that lives forever !!

I loved it =]]

Rebecca Master 1

Josival said...

My mom is everythig for me, when she stays with me I can feel a emotion that I never have felt.
she is my guide and my love. She is always with me when I need, so because this things and another things that I can´t explain I love you mom! Congratulations

Marcelo M, Master 2

Cultura teachers said...

Boys and girls.. We watched the video and we loved it. Good mother's day for all mothers in the world.
Kisses from Basic 3, teacher Flávia G. Recreio.

Carlos said...

That was a really beautiful post because it shows what our Mothers really are:a perfect combination between knowledge,happiness,suppor and the most important thing:love.
If you have a mum,you are very LUCK,with capital letters,because shemay be the only person who will never leave you.

Carlos Eduardo C. Soares-Plus 3-Teacher Malena

Cultura teachers said...

Hello mom!How are you?
I want you to wacht this beautiful video!I love you and I wish you a good mother's day!
GoodBye, Mom!
Basic 3 Recreio- Flávia G.

davi said...

It was a lovely music, very sensible and cool.

Davi jr.B Recrerio branch

Simone Corrêa said...

This is definitely the best moment to talk about them!
Is there anyone on earth who cares more about us than our mothers?
They are unique and we'll always be little kids to them.

Mom, I love you!


Simone Corrêa, Águas Claras, DF

teteca said...

i love my mom!!!

cinthya.coutinho said...

This is such a cute and lovely song ! I just loved it !
Watching this video I could remember how especial moms are , and how many sacrifices they do to make we happy !
We CAN'T waste the opportunity to tell every day that we absolutely love them more than everything is this world .
I can imagine how difficult is to a mom get into the swing of things at first , but after a while , they become specialists in the art of being mother !
The moms can be a bit of a moaner sometimes , but the reality is that we will love them in everyway .
Happy Mom's Day for all mothers !
Congratulations teacher , the post was incredible !

Kisses ,
Cinthya Coutinho , Plus 4 , Recreio Branch .

Andrea said...

what a touchy video !

Happy Mother´s Day to all those who should have a MOTHER´S DAY celebrated everyday of the year !

Isabelle Fogas said...



happy mother´s day :D

Isabelle & Stephanie Fogas - Recreio´s Manager Daughters

Gabriella said...

Mom's love is the bigest love in the world,and I think that it's one of the things that I know will be forever and true.My mom always make me feel better and secure when I'm sad.I love her!

Pietra basic 4 said...

I loved that video of the mothers and the story is very good

Fabiano said...

basic 3
I loved!is so cute!

Amanda said...

This video is very cute, I love it.
Makes me remember how I have to be grateful with my mom, with everything she do to me. My mom is always by my side, no matter what. She's that one that will love you forever, that's why I appreciate her so much. I love my mom more than everything !

Amanda Guimarães - Plus 3 - Malena

Paula Reis said...

Paula Reis, Teacher Malena, Plus 3 Barra 1

Cute video, Is the best one .

To write this comment I spent a lot of time because is difficult to discribe "What is my mom".
Mom, is one person that is always present in our lifes. Is that person who show you the world and is your better teacher. Sometimes you don't see her, but automaticaly you are learning with her. That is one of the reasons that I love my mom.

Gabi said...
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Gabi said...

Talking about mothers is really hard.We know they will be with us from the second they know they are pregnant to the last sigh of their lives.Love is the sweetest feeling in the world, and there is no love bigger than our mom's love.
No other person will love or take care of you as your mom.And even when things seems to be up side down moms are always there,giving us an encouraging smile and helping us to move on.
Sometimes we can't understand why our moms do somethings, but we can always be sure that anything she does is for our best.
What I would like to say to you, mom, in this special day, is thanks for giving me the gift of life and for showing me that everything can be better when we love.
By the way teachers, the video is breathtaking! Love you both.


Gabriela Rocha, Master 2.

paula said...

HI everyone

This video made me wanna hold my mom and tell her how much I love her and how important she is in my life. I hope she knows that by now, But it's alway nice to listen to "I love you" every now and then.

Teacher Paula, Recreio

paula said...

My mom is simply the best. When I was a litle child and had bad dreams she always put me in her bed and hold me. I remember that when saw the video. I know she will at my side for ever.

Paula Passo, Plus 2, Malena - Barra

Paula said...

My mom is simply the best. When I was a litle child and had bad dreams she always put me in her bed and hold me. I remember that when saw the video. I know she will at my side for ever.

Paula Passo, Plus 2, Malena - Barra