Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Big Day of our Life (the biggest so far...)

As the newlyweds here, we couldn’t miss the opportunity of sharing our biggest Day with you, guys.
Think about spending at least 7 months planning one single day that is going to change your whole life and that has got to be absolutely PERFECT. You got it! Nightmare right?
Wrong, the planning was just as part of the wedding as the event itself. Choosing every single detail, colour, catering, flowers, guests, venue, invitation... it was just so good! As long as we have chosen the right groom, we guess, the odds are that nothing could ever go wrong.
As the easiest crying people we know, wehave to say that we allowed ourselves to cry, laugh and most of all live every second of that day as if it would never end.
We have a short video to share with you and hope you can tell us a bit about ‘the biggest day’ of your far. It does not matter if you are not married, if it is YOUR biggest day, we want to know.


Teachers Chris and Gabi

Freguesia Branch - Rio de Janeiro


Daniel Samu said...
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Patricia Bezerra said...

It was awsome! I would like to have a wedding like yours! Hearty congratulations for you both!

Teacher Gabi - Freguesia said...

Hi there, you will have even a beeter'll see!

Natália said...

And I was there!! For one of them at least. Beautiful blushing brides!!!

Natalia, teacher at Freguesia

Natália said...

1) Gabi
2) Gabi
3) Chris
4) Chris


Basic 3 - Teacher Natalia - Freguesia

Monroy said...

Teachers were awesome on their wedding days!
You haven't invited me... :(

Eduarda said...

Gabi got married at a church and had the longest veil.
And Chris came with her mother, and her cake appeared in the video.
Cute :)

Teacher Gabi - Freguesia said...

Sorry for that Monroy...:(
Eduarda, you got it and so did Natalia's Basic 3. Well done guys!
ps: Have I ever told you it took me ages to take off the veil? Not because it was difficult to do so, but because I couldn't let it go.LOL

Teacher Chris said...

When I went to the USA. It was my dream. I stayed in California for 1 month with my grandfather, my friend and her grandmother.
I loved it.

Hugo - Basic 2 - Freguesia Branch

Teacher Chris said...

I went to Natal, Fortaleza and Fernando de Noronha last holidays. I went with my family. We stayed there for 3 weeks.
I loved it!

Juju - Basic 2 - Freguesia Branch

Teacher Chris said...

I went to Disney last holidays. I went with my mother. We stayed there for 17 days.
I loved it.

Vitinho - Basic 2 - Freguesia Branch

Natália said...

Gabi, very beautiful dress!!!! Chris, veru beautiful, too.

Marcia - CEX2- Teacher Natalia - Freguesia

simone di maio said...

Chris and Gabi,
You two were brilliant on this fantastic day.

KarlinhaRocha said...

The day when I was baptized was exciting and unforgetable. It's something hard to explain and to understand. When you do it you show that you accept that your life have a reason bigger than only eat, sleep, work, live and die and the immersion simbolizes personal dedication to Jehovah. Die and rebirth.

Karla Rocha - Campo Grande Branch

mabelep said...

Beautiful weddings!! I reckon this is the most important day to someone. Although, a lot of people said that's a conventional day,I suppose that will be the best day of my life... like a dream!

Mabel (Bangu)