Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Valentine's Day's just around the corner

Hi folks!

Here we are again, sharing the days of our lives with you all! This time, to remind you that Valentine's Day's just around the corner!!! Maybe you were not aware of that, so here we are to give you a hand!

First of all, we need to make it clear that what we call Dia dos Namorados isn't exactly what the Americans and the British refer to as Valentine's Day. Our Valentine's Day is celebrated on June 12th, which isn't the same day British and Amercians celebraste theirs. Why? This is what we selected for you in this post.

The video below briefly explains the origns of Valentine's Day. Check it out and find out why people exchange gifts such as roses and chocolate on February 14th (in USA and UK) and get yourself a nice idea for a present on June 12th as well!

Giselle Fleury, teacher at Barra 1



Flávia said...

Loved the video and the site. Will use in class! Thanks.

Flávia Rosa - teacher - Barra 1

Ana Beatriz said...

let's celebrate valentine"s day twice a year!!!!

Barra 1 teachers

Anonymous said...

The video is very cute!

Isabela PLus1 Barra 1